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Denial of service attack detection and mitigation.

Cloud solutions can be complex and distributed. While they can make new things possible, your security is crucial and not all providers are created equal.

Denial of Service Attacks (DoS; DDoS). A Growing Challenge.

Denial of service attacks (sometimes referred to as volumetric attacks) attempt to make online services unavailable by flooding a network or host with superfluous requests. Distributed denial of service attacks are a more sophisticated threat that originate from multiple sources.

In today’s environment, even if you’re not being specifically targeted, you’re always being probed for vulnerabilities. The goalposts are always moving. As defences have evolved, malicious actors have developed amplified and multi-vector strategies. Netscout data shows a recent 2x to 4x increase in DDoS attacks on Australian targets, and a rapid acceleration in their size to tens of million of packets per second on average. Your partner selection is vital, not just to keep your services up, but because malicious traffic may be billable to you with some providers. By preventing attack volumes from entering your internet service we ensure you’re only ever billed for clean, valid traffic.

DDoS protection.

As vital as DDoS detection and mitigation is, it’s one part of a larger security puzzle. Talk to our specialist team about total security solutions including DDoS mitigation, Geo-blocking, Intrusion Prevention Services, Host Security and more. Because it’s black-and-white simple. You’re protected. Or you’re not.

From your Cloud provider to your preferred carrier, your partner selection determines how protected or vulnerable you are. Macquarie Cloud Services are Australia’s most-recommended secure cloud provider and trusted by over 42% of all federal government agencies.

Our secure connectivity solutions feature detection, reporting and bandwidth scrubbing, and hard-hitting mitigation strategies that can isolate, target and address Denial of Service attacks. No two organisations start from the same point or have the same goals, so no two solutions should be the same either. We’ll withhold specific strategy references here, but invite you to talk to our expert team about the right tailored solutions for you.

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World class. Always on. Hand-off.

We’re different. We work with the partners and technologies you know and trust, our own Australian Data Centres and 200+ engineers security cleared to government standards over here, not over there, to ensure 24×7 always-on protection against massive denial of service attacks above the 100Gbps range. Talk to our expert team about DoS protection solutions as part of your wider hybrid-cloud strategy today.

[1] Netscout Arbor’s Active Threat Level Analysis System (ATLAS); cited here

[2] Net promoter score +87; independently audited Matrix CX Mar18

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