You’ve put a lot of capital into your IT investments, and built good relationships with existing technology partners along the way.

Why not leverage these relationships when moving to the cloud, rather than having to start again with new and proprietary technologies?

We work with your existing partners, so it’s not about changing them, but seeing Macquarie Cloud Services as an extension to your existing relationships.

We built our cloud stack on best of breed tech from VMware, Dell EMC and Cisco – ensuring the same great partner platform you’re used to and getting the most out of our (and your) investment.

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Our certified vendor partners.

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  • macquarie cloud services cloud hosting partner redhat


  • macquarie cloud services cloud hosting partner mcafee


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How our partnerships benefit you.

  • Compliant designs

    Vendor optimized designs for best performance.

  • Priority support

    Take advantage of our ability to call on multiple levels of support.

  • Account flexibility

    We can leverage our relationships to get a better deal for you on costs and contracts.

  • Trusted technology

    We don't cut corners, nor will we provide anything you really don't need.

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