[Infographic] Business Continuity: Are Australian Businesses Prepared for the Worst?

September 23 2015, by Pierre Lintzer | Category: Group

Macquarie Cloud Services business continuity planning and disaster recovery infographic


Is your business prepared for the worst?

Business continuity planning helps reduce the pain caused from technology failures, natural disasters or human acts that may result in data loss or associated expenses. Here’s some points to consider when assessing how your business shapes up when it comes to realistic contingency plans.

The cost to Australian organisations annually is ‘approximately $65.5 billion’. When you consider the cost to your business if something goes wrong this number is understandable, if not scary. Consider if your business couldn’t operate for a week, a month or longer. How crippling would the effects of a breach be on your cash flow?

This is where business continuity planning comes to the rescue. If you have a plan in place, stop to assess how it works or when it was last updated. Technology changes all the time, are you keeping up, would your business cope with a cyber attack or a ransom ware storm?

These are the types of questions Australian businesses need to think about. Couple that with the statistic that ‘50% of business have suffered some kind of unplanned systems downtime’. And then, if you layer the fact that ‘73% of business owners are not confident they can fully recover after a disruption’ and that ‘85% of Australian businesses don’t have a business continuity pan in place’ there’s some thought required.

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