What flexibility are you, as an MSP offering your customers today?

March 24 2021, by Nigel Burke | Category: Cloud Services

I have been observing over the past couple of weeks how businesses in Sydney are coming out of their COVID slumber. They are being more responsive and opening their books again. It’s great to see movement again!

This leads me to my question today about how you, as an MSP, are offering flexibility to your customers? What kind of flexibility can you offer your customers without compromising your own business? Let’s get this straight – customers love long term relationships with vendors, so let’s explore what you can do to keep your long term customers and get new customers.

Flexible Contracts.

Customers have learned a thing or two about contracts during this pandemic. Some have been bitten by contracts they signed 2 years ago, maybe by their predecessor. The terms of service have been pulled out to make sure their spending doesn’t fall under specific thresholds. I’ve even heard of providers creating lists of customers that were at risk of going under and making sure that the billing team stays on top of them before dragging their customers to court for not paying.

This is no way to treat your customers.

Long term relationships are built on trust where you share wins together and work through the loses. There are industries that have suffered greatly and then there are industries that have never been so busy before.

Looking after your customers goes a long way. Being honest and working with them on their challenges is more important than ever. They may not be flourishing right now but in 6 months or next year, who knows, they may become your biggest customer when things settle into the new normal. A customer spending less with you may be offset by another customer increasing their spending. Can you work with your own vendors to reduce costs and pass those savings onto your customers?

New Customers.

There are definitely opportunities to gain new customers who haven’t been given the flexibility that you can offer. This may mean offering month-to-month instead of long term contracts. It could be offering new services, there are endless amount of services that MSPs can provide to their customers.

Pricing Models can be flexible.

Offering a range of pricing can help customers see value. This could be charging a premium for month-to-month no commitment type of deployments or discounts for long term deployments or higher upfront costs with lower monthly costs. Being creative in your pricing can make you more attractive over your competitors.

Is your Cloud Services offering flexible?

One of the biggest benefits of cloud is cost effectiveness. This can come in many forms – paying for what you use, scaling up or down when you need to or working between public and private cloud providers. This could be a point of difference for your MSP for your customers.

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Nigel Burke

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