Dedicated Hosting from Australia’s most-recommended provider.

Data and Hosting challenges are growing. Budgets are not. Take the uncertainty over how to put the right workload in the right place with Dedicated Hosting from Australia’s most-recommended provider.


Macquarie Cloud Services provide dedicated hosting.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Hosting allocates specific servers to an organisation for their exclusive use. While the industry is increasingly moving towards Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud hosting, Dedicated Hosting options may be a strong fit for users with specific security, performance or reference design requirements such as high-performance servers, customer server configurations, hyper-converged design and more.

Your Requirements. Your Control.

Dedicated hosting enables a specific reference design to be applied, including full control over CPU, RAM, storage, bandwidth, operating system and data sovereignty.

The average data centre is now over 18 years old1. Working with cutting-edge Intellicentres for your hosting can also deliver efficiency uplifts of over 80% against legacy designs2, so you can free time money and talent for what matters to you most. And it all starts with a single coffee.

The Security Imperative Behind Dedicated Hosting.

We know security. We’re trusted by government, rated for Protected data and our experts sit on the Australian Cyber Security Council. We secure the cloud with our comprehensive defence-in-depth model using technology and partners you know and trust including Trend Micro, Fortinet, VMware by Broadcom and others.

And we know Dedicated Hosting, especially as it’s applied in specific industry verticals such as finance, medicine, education and law. Since dedicated hosting can be customised to specific requirements, it can deliver you an assured pathway to compliance with standards like DSS PCI for individually identifiable data.

We’re over here, not over there, and have over 200 Australian engineers security cleared to government standards and our own Australian Data Centres (including IC2, Australia’s first Tier 3 design and most awarded centre). Public Clouds can offer strong solutions in some cases. But when security and data sovereignty matter, they may not be the right fit for you today.

We’re not saying that cloud hosting is not safe – far from it. Cloud hosting brings you an experienced partner that deploys security measures that are effective for all but the most specific data needs.

Dedicated Hosting can give you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy world-best performance value, security and compliance while retaining control your performance, design and compliance needs.

Deeply Interconnected.

We’re not just Australia’s most-recommended provider, we’re also a leading business-facing Telco in our own right, and are deeply interconnected for inter-zone, inter-location, inter-cloud, and even active-active solutions. We’re committed to carrier neutrality, so you can bring your plans or benefit from ours.

Hosting Management Centre (HMC).

Macquarie Cloud Services is proud of our on-shore Hosting Management Centre. We prefer outstanding service over outsourcing.

We are the first line of support, and we monitor your platform 24/7/365. You can call us directly, or contact us via the online portal. We can log in and help you with any operating system issue, quickly, with the Personal Accountable Service we’re famous for.

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Dedicated Hosting can pivot your focus to where it should be.

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