Cloud Discover Assessment

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) exclusively govern the provision of the Cloud Discover assessment (“Assessment”) by Macquarie Telecom Pty Limited (ABN 21 082 930 916) (“Macquarie”) to you (“Customer”).

The Terms comprise the Professional Services Terms and Additional Services (both of which are defined below).



The individual requesting the Assessment warrants and represents to Macquarie that:

  • they are duly and validly authorised by the Customer to request the Assessment;
  • they are duly and validly authorised by the Customer to agree to the Terms on behalf of the Customer; and
  • they are a Global Administrator of the Customer’s environment


Professional Services Terms

Subject to the Additional Terms set out below, the Assessment is subject to Macquarie’s Professional Services Terms and Conditions, located at: (“Professional Services Terms”).

In the context of the Assessment, the following terms which are defined in the Professional Services Terms have the following meaning:

  • the term “Deliverable” refers to the Assessment;
  • the term “Services” refers to Macquarie’s provision of the Assessment; and
  • the term “Statement of Work” refers to the Statement of Work provided to the Customer on or before the date of their acceptance of these terms and conditions.

In requesting the Assessment, you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understood Professional Services Terms.


Additional Terms

For the purposes of performing the Assessment, the Customer hereby grants Macquarie with access to the Customer’s server environment. In this context, the “access” required by Macquarie is described in this document: (“Security and Permissions“)

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that removal of Macquarie’s access to the Customer’s server environment will prevent Macquarie from performing the Assessment.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that they are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to implement any advice or recommendation provided by Macquarie in the Assessment, or to rely on any estimate, opinion, conclusion or other information contained in the Assessment.



In the event of any inconsistency between the Professional Services Terms and the Additional Terms, the Additional Terms will prevail to the extent of such inconsistency.

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