What is private cloud?

Private cloud is a category of cloud computing where IT services use dedicated private IT infrastructure for a single organisation (in contrast to the shared infrastructure of a public cloud model ). This is often referred to as a virtual private cloud (VPC) model, where a 3rd party provides key computer + storage + networking + security solutions remotely, or as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

Private cloud is best for businesses that need tighter control over their environments, for compliance, security or performance. It should be used by businesses that have applications which collect, store or process sensitive or confidential data, such as organisations in finance, human resources, health and fintech industries. Organisations often find that meeting these requirements can be challenging and costly, and that they can free time, money and talent by working with solution providers that are already enterprise-scaled and deeply certified.


Benefit of Private Cloud

Macquarie Cloud Services provide cloud hosting consultancy or cloudhostingconsultancy or cloud services consultant or try our flexible cloud data centre consultant
Macquarie Cloud Services offer private cloud (privatecloud), public cloud (publiccloud), hybrid cloud (hybridcloud) and private clouds securely
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So what do we offer?

Macquarie Cloud Services have an Australian virtual data centre or virtual data center or virtualdatacentre networks
Macquarie Cloud Services offer private cloud (privatecloud), public cloud (publiccloud), hybrid cloud (hybridcloud) and private clouds securely
Technology you know and trust
Private Cloud - Alerts

Monitoring and Alerting.

All infrastructure is monitored by NV1 certified Hosting Management Centre (HMC) Engineers, over here, not over there, on-shift 24/7, not just on-call. The following monitoring metrics have been configured on the appliances:
1. Network Connectivity Statistics
2. System Health (CPU)
3. Critical Events Log Items
4. Hardware SNMP Event Traps

Most importantly, we are with you the entire way.

There’s always a fine line between being able to control how a cloud migration happens, and having help from your provider on hand when you need it.
That’s where we come in.
We can be involved as much or as little as you need. Want us to do it all? We can. Want us to be beside the phone while you do it? We can.

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