Wait, isn't that difficult?

Zero downtime hosting and high availability architecture is often difficult in both design and execution. And high availability implemented at the application layer may not always cover every possible disaster scenario.

Our unique Zero Downtime Hosting solution has been designed from the ground up to simplify high availability and disaster avoidance.

Leveraging our geographically diverse data centres, your application can be seamlessly moved across our sites with no application re-architecture required.

Zero Downtime hosting means complete active/active datacentre redundancy.

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High Availability Made Simple.

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Nimble Hosting.

  • Always On

    Always On.

    High-Availability at the infrastructure layer. Your Applications wont even know.

  • Zero Data Loss

    Zero Data Loss.

    Guaranteed zero data loss in the event of a service disruption. Protected all the time.

  • Hot Standby

    Hot Standby.

    Instantaneous failover. No user interruption.

Tried and tested technology, adapted to multiple data centres.

Stretched Network.

Creates a Layer 2 network between sites, which allows your servers to switch without changing a thing.

Stretched Storage

Ensures the application, no matter which site is running always accesses the same data.

Stretched Hypervisor

The key: VMware by Broadcom metro cluster technology, which lets two sites be closely in sync and ready for any disaster.

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