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Healthcare by its very nature is a complex, resource intensive, and widely distributed across locations, suppliers and technologies. It’s little surprise then that it’s now so heavily targeted by malicious actors that it’s responsible for more mandatory data breach reports than any other sector1.

The Department of Human Services (DHS), in conjunction with Australian Signals Directorate, has responded with new standards of cloud security for the industry. The goal is nothing less than world-class end-to-end protection so no link in the supply chain can put sensitive data at risk. For many, this will be made possible with specialist managed services providers such as Greenlight ITC, and for them, it starts with choosing a cloud partner certified by the DHS.

Since 2006, Greenlight ITC has provided managed IT services designed to free Australian mid-market organisations to focus on what they do best. For founder and CEO, Mike Smith, there’s a real sense of urgency in helping healthcare providers ensure they protect their access to e-health markets. “Providers like us need to move very quickly, because transitioning to a compliant cloud provider doesn’t happen overnight, and migrations must be completed by 2020 to protect your platform access. Our own journey started nine months ago, for example.”

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“It’s our job to educate our customers on what their obligations and risks are, and ultimately, to protect them where we can”, Mike continued.

Macquarie Cloud Services solutions selected include LaunchTM compute, storage, security, Backup-as-a-Service and compliance support.

“In the medical industry, it’s not uncommon to see risk points like unsupported hardware, the war for talent, unprotected networks or uncontrolled access. It’s our job to help bring customers to a minimum standard, and plan for the future to keep them there. Some users aren’t aware how vulnerable they may be. There’s a lot of education that needs to happen”.

“Their security and compliance requirements are complex and everchanging. It’s our job to educate users on whether they can become compliant with what they have in place, or whether we should support their migration to a secure cloud solution”.

It’s about technology. And people.

For Greenlight ITC, the decision to partner with Macquarie Cloud Services Team was straight forward. “Firstly, it’s down to their technology stack”, confirmed Mike Smith.

“Because it’s a platform as a service, it worked well for us and made migrating a very, very straightforward process. Secondly, in the account management side, Macquarie has been very flexible and easy to work with for both our team and our customers. And finally, although we’re also a Microsoft tier 1 partner and work with many different solutions, we see them as central to delivering the kind of service we’ve become known for”.

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