If your business needs 100% up-time, or else you lose money, then you need Zerto.

Macquarie and Zerto Technology easily construct multi-site, high-availability environments, to ensure your data is always in sync, and applications ready when needed. No matter how complex, or how often you need to test or trial, Zerto makes it easier. And it also happens to make migrations a one-click job as well. That’s why we use it.

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Site to site replication solution to protect your applications

Zerto has a conduit to millisecond migrations and moving hundreds of virtual machines at a time.

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Zerto and Macquarie Cloud Services Partnership.

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    The only hypervisor based solution you want.

    By working at the hypervisor layer, this means the entire replication task is hidden and independent from the application, operating systems and virtual machine, so compatibility is never a problem.

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    You can test it

    Being an expert in DR solutions, Zerto knows that testing is a key component to any DR plan. Using specific testing modes, allows you to log-in to the DR application, while the production platform is still going, and this is unique in replication software.

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    Proven in the industry

    DR protects thousands of customers and is a well-tested and proven solution for enterprises, however, it can come with a high price tag. When offered as a managed service though, the price point can make it more accessible, and along with the expertise provided by Macquarie, even the low-tier applications can benefit from DR protection.

Zerto can migrate and protect your applications.

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