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Seamless Azure migration.

Macquarie Cloud Services Corporate Buildings. Azure rocket Azure cloud icon Azure cloud icon We'll get you from A to B, or somewhere in between with Azure Managed Services by Macquarie Cloud Services.

Accelerating Migration to Microsoft Azure.

Migrating virtual machines and applications to Microsoft Azure can seem daunting. With nearly 200 native Azure services, there’s always multiple ways of achieving an outcome.

As experts in cloud migration, Macquarie Cloud Services will build the Azure landing zone, project manage the migration, then, enroll your Azure resources in our award-winning Azure Managed services where we support, monitor, govern and drive the right functional and cost outcomes.

When you’re ready we’ll help you understand the full breadth of Azure and how it can best serve you and your customer’s needs.

To assist you on your journey to Microsoft Azure, Macquarie Cloud Services will guide you through the following 6 stages of our Azure adoption process, based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework.

Azure Adoption.

We help you through the following Azure adoption phases.

  • 1


    In conjunction with you, we create a strategy covering landing zone design, workload selection and prioritisation, and consider the internal and commercial implications of adopting Microsoft Azure.

  • 2


    After workshopping the existing environment with you, we construct a migration plan covering all in-scope workloads and migration iterations. We'll map out the security and migration risks and consider any dependencies.

  • 3


    When you're ready to execute, we establish an initial Azure landing zone and ready the source environment for migration using a mix of native and 3rd party tools.

  • 4


    The migration begins. We'll execute the resource migration on your behalf, targeting the pre-established Azure landing zone.

  • 5


    Once landed you in Azure, the journey has just begun. We'll introduce you to additional Azure services and advise how you can best utilise those services.

  • 6

    Govern and Manage

    Once acceptance testing is complete, the environment moves into run state. Macquarie Cloud Services' management framework comes into play and provides you with automated OS Updates, monitoring and alerting, dashboarding, cost reporting and governance. We'll periodically meet with you to ensure the environment is optimised and drive continuous improvement.

Cloud Migration Practice.

Macquarie Cloud Services have partnered with customers on their journey to the cloud for 15 years. We know what it takes to move you out of on-premise colocation or private cloud environments into Microsoft Azure swiftly and with minimal downtime.

Macquarie Cloud Services’ range of hybrid network products and services covering Internet, Cloud Services Gateway, VPN and SD-WAN provide the building blocks for a hybrid network topology. For best results, we establish an ExpressRoute connecting your on-premise network gateway to Azure providing for a low latency, highly available backbone for the basis of migration.

We leverage Microsoft native and 3rd-party tools to deliver your workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Our Approach.

Our Azure expert certified Principal Consultants will understand the journey you’re on, design and architect a migration strategy for Windows, SQL Server and other workloads and present you with a facilitated migration plan complete with Azure Managed Services. We closely follow Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Taking the leap to Microsoft Azure.

Macquarie Cloud Services is with you every step of the way.

  • Discover icon, Azure public cloud


    We'll take a big-picture look at your business and goals and work out how Azure best meets those needs.

  • Checklist icon


    We'll map out your requirements, and project manage the migration.

  • Deploy icon


    We prepare the landing zone and the source environment for migration.

  • Migrate icon


    We do all the heavy lifting for you.

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    We'll guide you on new areas of Azure that may help your business innovate and accelerate.

  • Optimisation icon

    Govern & Manage

    We'll take care of your Azure environment through managed services.

Quality Services you can trust.

We'll provide you with round-the-clock support, expert advice, governance and security through our advanced operational framework. You're not going to get all that buying Azure direct. Here's where Macquarie Cloud Services can help.

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    24x7 Support.

    Round the clock Azure support from our Hosting Management Centre (HMC) with access to Microsoft Premier support queues.

  • Trusted advice icon

    Trusted Advice.

    Advice on tap to help you deliver the outcomes your business needs.

  • Certified environment

    Certified Environments

    Whether it's PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, GDPR or other compliance requirements, we'll work with you to ensure the boxes are ticked.

  • Hybrid cloud icon

    Hybrid Cloud.

    We'll help connect the dots. Enable endless possibilities by enabling hybrid cloud connecting Microsoft Azure to Macquarie's Cloud then to your sites.

Azure experts

Expert advice to the moon and back.

By taking the Azure journey with Macquarie Cloud Services, you’ll have access to Microsoft Azure experts who are ready to provide you and your team with unparalleled architectural, migration and deployment assistance.

We work with you to integrate Azure into your business in a way that meets your needs.

Looking for an expert migration to Azure?

Drop us your details, tell us a little about what you're trying to achieve and we'll have one of our Azure experts get in touch.

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