Our discovery tools, give you the option to work out the 'what if' without altering your current environment.

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    Cloud Discover.

    Cloud Discover is here for those who know Cloud is their goal but unsure how to get there and which platform to use. With Macquarie Cloud Services Launch®, Microsoft Azure or a mixture of both ensure you have the data at hand to make informed decisions on what you should do next with your current on-premise environment. Focusing on utilisation and rightsizing this is all about taking your cloud at your pace, and our teamwork tirelessly to ensure the right fit for you.

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  • Azure Discover.

    So you know Azure is for you? The Azure Discover assessment offers a comprehensive plan for those who know Azure is the destination but unsure what it will look like. The assessment of your target estate and will extract results in an insightful dashboard. We’ll do all the leg work so you can make the best migration decisions, with curated insights and detailed, personalised recommendations.

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Both our discovery tools, Cloud Discover and Azure Discover, results in a full report highlighting where your IT environment could be more efficient. From reviewing your current platform utilisation and recommendations for rightsizing to compatibility, dependencies and service mapping; our experts are on hand to support your intrigue, interest and investment in moving to the cloud.

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If you answer yes to either of the questions below, get in touch today: Would you like a free zero obligation report outlining recommendations and suggestion for your cloud environment based on utilisation and right sizing? Do you wish to future proof your IT strategy for a post COVID world?

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    Licensing and instructions to access your environment.

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    Collection of data and storage within VMware CloudHealth.

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    Expert teams from across the organisations analyse your data.

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    A full recommendations report prepared by leading consultants.

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