Want to do more with your existing VMware investments?

Take advantage of the investments we’ve made in our technologies, our experience, training and certifications when you move to the cloud.

You’re a VMware user just like us, and this can surely only enhance what we can all achieve together. With solutions such as our VMware Cloud, Data Centre Extension based on NSX, and Zero Downtime VMware clusters, only Macquarie Cloud Services can get you to the cloud easily and with VMware’s full backing.

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Our VMware technology.

VMware Cloud

Our VMware cloud allows your VMware virtual machines to move seamlessly, without the need to re-write or re-install applications.


With your existing experience and training on the vCloud and vSphere portals, it will be easy for you to use our management software; it’s all the same.


Our Cloud and Networks are based on NSX technology, which means you can extend your existing IP ranges and security zones directly into our VMware Cloud.

Stretched Clusters

We can extend clusters of VMware hosts across sites, to deliver zero-downtime environments when applications need to be on 100% of the time.


Being fully VMware compliant and making our API’s available, your existing vRealize  Automation solutions or similar VMware compatible management platform can control the our VMware cloud without fuss.

vCloud Connector

This allows your VMware environment to connect to ours, so they are all managed by the one hybrid management portal. This enabled drag-and-drop to move Virtual Machines between your onsite hosts and the cloud.

Our Credentials.

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VMware and Macquarie Cloud Services Partnership.

Hey, I’m Vanessa and I love my job as the partner account manager of Macquarie Cloud Services. Let me tell you why. I love working with passionate people and every day I’m lucky enough to interact with both customers and partners who have this amazing quality and together we deliver world class customer service. We bring you our cloud. Your way.

Working with Dan and the wide of MY team, we create fantastic customer outcomes by building flexible hybrid IT solutions which, as you would’ve to expect, sit on best of the best platforms and backed government approved accreditations.

At Macquarie Cloud Services we have been partnered with VMware since 2005. We have pioneered a number VMware solutions such as vCloud direction 2012 and NSX in 2014. Our continued collaborations with VMware US-based product team enables us to bring cutting edge technology into the Australian market.

VMware has chosen to work with Macquarie Cloud Services because of their flexibility and agility. The edge all and up to work with great engineering level to bring their best VMware technology to market. And they’re flexible when they take over 10 years experience and combined it as into unique solutions for customers unique needs. They’re custom as right to VMware about the awesome Macquarie Cloud Services experience.

The customers moved to the cloud. Macquarie Cloud Services provides an easy migration patterns support model and that gives us the confidence of VMware customers are being well served.


We are proud to be one of just over a dozen showcase partners around the world today.

  • 1

    Deeper Access to Technology

    Taking advantage of multiple VMware components, creating the solution you need.

  • 2

    Early Access Beta Program

    Key for software driven environments to test the newest improvements.

  • 3

    Detailed Training and Support

    Direct from the VMware Showcase Team, for a greater level of access.

  • 4

    Flexibility with VMware Customers

    Working directly with your VMware representative to enable your business to grow.

    Learn more from our VMware partner page.

See some of our VMware solutions below.

For VMware users contemplating moving to the cloud, Macquarie Cloud Services makes the ideal choice. We can work with your existing license provider to figure out the day to day details and the most cost effective plan for your business.

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