What are Cloud Services.

When you know where you are and where you want to be, Cloud Services might just be the way to get there.

Delivering compute – storage – backup – hosting – networking and other solutions, over public or private connections, enables flexible, enterprise-scale solutions as and when you need them. It’s no surprise then that 9 in 10 Australian organisations are, or are planning to, implement a multi-cloud solution. We deliver flexible managed or self-managed cloud services,solutions, backed with the personally accountable service that has made us Australia’s most-recommended provider.

Cloud Services Might be the Answer. Or it Might Not Be.

Some vendors talk about a generic ‘journey to the Cloud’ without understanding you, your team, your environment or your goals. We’re different.

As Australia’s most-recommended Hybrid Cloud Provider, we are uniquely placed to ensure you can leverage your existing resources to free time, money and talent and guarantee enterprise-scale efficiencies and performance.

But not all Cloud Solutions are the same. Companies waste over $62B p.a. on cloud services they do not need and may have specific compliance, certifications, data sovereignty or reference design requirements. We build our LAUNCHTM platform on exclusive Australian Data Centres that can be up to 80% more efficient than legacy designs1  and are famous for a 24/7/365 team that are over here, not over there.


Australia's most recommended Cloud Services - Macquarie Cloud Services.


You’re always under attack and at risk. It’s why Compliance & Certifications are the key.

Cloud Migrations are not without risk. And with mandatory breach reporting in place, the stakes for your data and brand have never been higher. That’s where we come in. Our unique defence-in-depth model is based on the technology you know and trust with VMware, Cisco, Trend Micro, Fortinet, Microsoft, Red Hat, Dell EMC and others. We are trusted by government, rated for Protected data, maintain Australian data sovereignty and sit on the Australian Cyber Security Council with the Australian Federal Police, Attorney’s General & ASD. We live this.

  • Lightning bolt iconISO27001 for Data Security
  • Lightning bolt iconTier 3 Uptime Institute Design
  • Lightning bolt icon100 Australian NV1 Certified Engineers
  • AARnet & CAUDIT for Education
  • ASD ISM for Federal Government
  • ASD ISM for Secure Internet Gateways

Real-World Guarantees.

We’re different. Because we say what we’ll do. Then we do it, all the way through to multi-zone, multi-location, multi-cloud or even 100% uptime active-active solutions. It’s just another reason we’re Australia’s most-recommended provider.

We Make It Easier Than You Might Think.

We can make our Data Centres appear like yours. You keep the same IP address, broadcast domain and firewalls. Unlike Public Clouds, our VMware cloud allows your VMware virtual machines to move seamlessly without reworking applications. Our single-pane-of-glass controls put everything at your fingertips.

And it all starts with a single cup of coffee.

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