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The benefit of a data centre is that you can still source and manage your own infrastructure, without the risk and hassle of managing the actual facility. We take on this risk and hassle for you, leaving you to manage your core business.


Here are our data centres – which we call Intellicentres.

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Macquarie Cloud Services data centre - Intellicentre 1 Sydney data centre.

Intellicentre 1 Sydney Data Centre.

Intellicentre 1 data centre is our first data centre, based in the Sydney central business district. It is also home to our Hosting Management Centre (HMC) engineers. We call it IC1. If you allow 5 minutes for the walk over from Central Station, you’ll have time to pick-up a coffee on the way.

See more info on Intellicentre 1.

Sydney Data Centre - IC2 Macquarie Park

Intellicentre 2 Sydney Data Centre.

Intellicentre 2 is the most certified data centre in Australia. Plus the first to achieve the Uptime Institute Tier III certification. We call it IC2 and it was designed to be super-efficient, our target PUE is 1.3. See our Intellicentre 2 with virtual reality tour.

IC2 is a 5 minute walk from Macquarie Park station, so it’s close to the city without being too close, suitable for business continuity requirements.

See more info on Intellicentre 2.

Sydney Data Centre IC3 East - Macquarie Park

Intellicentre 3 - Coming Soon.

The development of Intellicentre 3 (IC3) will be the next step in creating the Macquarie Park Data Centre Campus. Built in 2 phases, the exciting development will take our total capacity at Macquarie Park from 10MW to 43MW.

See here for more info on Intellicentre 3.

Macquarie Cloud Services Australian Intellicentre 4 tier III Intellicentre4 tier3 colocation data centres colocation Australia data centre Canberra

Intellicentre 4 Canberra Data Centre.

Intellicentre 4 data centre was designed to support the Federal Government’s gateway consolidation program. We call it the IC4 “bunker”. It’s so safe and secure that we like to keep the exact location details on a need to know basis.

See more info on Intellicentre 4.

Secure & Reliable.

  • Macquarie Cloud Services colocation - power and cooling available 100% of the time

    100% SLGs.

    Power and cooling available 100% of the time. No longer your problem, it's ours.

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  • Macquarie Cloud Services colocation - Compliance starting with PCI, Tier III and ISO27001.

    Worlds Best Compliance.

    When it comes to industry certifications, we’ve got it covered. PCI, Tier III uptime, ISO27001 & more.

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  • Macquarie Cloud Services colocation - flexibility allows you to add compute, storage or network services.


    Challenge us with your architecture. Add compute, storage or network services and turn them on and off like a tap.

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  • Macquarie Cloud Services colocation - personal customer service when you need it

    Help when you need it.

    We can press a button, troubleshoot an issue or migrate your environment anytime you need it.

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