What if planning your office relocation actually made life easier?

It can, with Australia’s most-recommended data centre, hybrid and private cloud provider0. At a time when 9-in-10 Australian organisations have settled on a multi-cloud future, we’re uniquely placed to sweat your assets in a data centre and free time, money, real estate and talent for you to reinvest in what matters most to you.

Office Relocation Guide.

There are as many triggers to start planning an office relocation; the main ones would be growth, merger or acquisition. There’s also the pursuit of scale and efficiency. Image. Cost control. Competing for and retaining staff. Proximity to resources or customers. Real estate and redevelopment. Whatever the reason, the average business relocates every 7 years1.

Because no two organisations start from the same place, or have the same goals, no standard solution applies for what comes next. Putting an IT perspective at the heart of your office relocation planning can unlock a world of new possibilities.

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Office Relocation eGuide

Not All Data Centres Are Created Equal.

The average Australian Data Centre is now over 18 years old2 and up to 80% less efficient3 than leading Intellicentres such as IC1 in Sydney’s CBD, IC2 in Sydney’s Macquarie Park and IC4 in Canberra.

When over 70% of IT budget are consumed by legacy costs4, something has to change. For many, the answer to freeing time, money and talent for what’s next is choosing the right Hybrid Cloud partner for your individual requirements. This can not only deliver you enterprise-scale efficiencies but also open new opportunities to secure the right office relocation IT service option for you.

So what?

We’re different. We don’t talk about a generic ‘journey to the cloud’. We take the time to understand the solutions you have in place, what you want to achieve and the flexibility you’ll require over time and develop a solution design for you. Not us.

  • 100% SLGs

    Power and cooling available 100% of the time. No longer your problem, it's ours.

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  • World's Best Compliance

    When it comes to industry certifications, we've got it covered. PCI, Tier III uptime, ISO27001 & more.

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  • Geo Resilience

    Deeply Interconnected.

    We're carrier neutral, so you can bring your plans or benefit from ours and join networks including ICON, AARNet and the public cloud.

  • Technology you Know & Trust

    We're VMWare by Broadcom's exclusive Australian Showcase Partner, and work with industry standards to ensure your benefit from day 1.

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