Leverage your existing relationship with Cisco and stick with a battle tested vendor.

As a Cisco Powered Service Provider, our Cisco knowledge and equipment can combine with yours to create the best environment for your applications. Many companies, like you, have trusted Cisco technology for many years, and having Cisco certify our designs ensures their high standards and your trust extend into our cloud.

Our Cisco powered infrastructure.

Cisco Powered Cloud Infrastructure

Our Clouds are based on Cisco technology such as Nexus and Software-defined-networks (SDN) . This powers not only the server to server infrastructure but also access to the internet, all built on multi-device, meshed networks for maximum uptime.

Cisco Powered DR as a Service

Based on Cisco Nexus, our DR environments support hot and cold standby designed to provide many options for building simple and complex DR solutions. These can even be extended to the customer’s Nexus infrastructure to build customer to data centre DR solutions.

Cisco Managed Services Master

This recognises the importance of our Cisco support in the hierarchy of service providers and the value, commitment and expertise that Macquarie Cloud Services demonstrates to its customers.

What is a Cisco Powered solution?

  • 1

    Cisco validated design.

    Straight off the plan, just as Cisco intended.

  • 2

    Cisco hardware

    Locally sourced, Cisco Servers and Networking hardware such as Nexus and UCS.

  • 3

    Cisco approved code and firmware versions and 3rd party vendor software

    Approved versions on each device, lab tested and used around the world.

  • 4

    Cisco approved customer use cases

    These make up our cloud and networking components, and match the solutions we offer.

  • 5

    Inclusion of customers' Cisco-based solutions

    Interconnect your existing Cisco hardware into ours to create cross site environments.

Hi, my name is Vanessa Thompson and I’m the partner account manager here at Macquarie Cloud Services. I’m passionate about partners that I manage and I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by equally passionate and experienced cloud specialists. Together we deliver world-class customer service.

As an awesome team we create flexible hybrid IT solutions, and of course, as you would expect, our technology sits on the best of the best platforms and backed by government approved accreditations. We deliver our cloud. Your way

At Macquarie Cloud Services, we are committed to help our customers and prospects in their journey to the cloud. We understand a key aspect of accelerating the journey is to have seamless networking connectivity capabilities. Cisco helped us build sophisticated yet simple network architectures that are easy to consume.

Partnering with Macquarie Cloud Services enable us to skill the work with well established later in hybrid IT space. Macquarie Cloud Services are able to seamless cater the customer requirements without compromise as they navigate the ever changing landscape of cloud IT. Their customers have sophisticated needs and appreciate backup and support that goes with Macquarie Cloud Services offerings.

At Cisco, we recognise they have people centric approach and dedicated to world-class customer service. It’s about putting the customers first. It’s also about the people behind the technology, the ones they are there getting things delivered on time and correctly.

Overall, Cisco have a dynamic relationship with Macquarie Cloud Services and it will continue to grow and have benefits for both companies, and more importantly our customers.


Being powered by Cisco provides trust that the Macquarie Cloud Services environments are built to Cisco’s high standards. These designs are open and available on the Cisco website. They ensure that the trust that a customer has in their existing vendors can continue when moving to cloud.

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