We could tell you you how a data centre could improve your business.

Or you could come and see for yourself.

What does a data centre tour look like?

Your tour will highlight the access, security, monitoring, dedicated resources, space reservation and other options available to ensure the right solution for today can scale for tomorrow.

We will arrange for your transport here and back in a Tesla Model X.

We’ll show you how our Intellicentres are designed for how you work e.g. with everything from secure dock and personnel access, onsite testing, storage and meeting facilities, location or capacity reservation, meetings rooms and how even our coffee machines are ready 24/7.

When coupled with our Macquarie Cloud Services Portal single-pane-of-glass management with tools you already know and trust, we deliver a different experience from the start. From technical requirements to supporting your lift-and-shift, our team are in place to answer your questions.

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Our Intellicentres are YOUR secure data centres.

It’s one thing to hear Intellicentre 2  – Australia’s first Uptime Institute Tier 3 design – has enough power to run up to 4,000 homes. It’s another to see just how it can free time, money and talent for what comes next for your team. If issues arise, they are often urgent and technical. We’ll show just how easy we make 24/7 secure access and how you’ll be backed up by Intellihands, Hosting Command Centre and CMND service teams over here, not over there.

Not all Data Centres (DC) are created equal.

The average DC is now over 18 years old and up to 80% less efficient than current enterprise-scale designs². We’re different. Because we deliver Colocation, Hybrid and Private Cloud solutions with our own Australian DC’s, we can execute your reference design, or ours. We can Colocate your existing assets regardless of size, weight, power requirements or density, stretch your existing environments with our LAUNCH Cloud and apply dedicated resources as required.

And we do it with the real-world Service Level Guarantees (SLG’s) and personally accountable service that has made us Australia’s most-recommended provider¹. Uncover new possibilities in as little as 40 minutes. We invite you to our Intellicentres to see where it all begins.

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Remember - we'll organise the transport in a Tesla Model X

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